SONG OF THE DAY The Moondoggies – Oh Now Honey

themoondoggies1Ten years ago in the city of Everett, Washington, five friends came together and formed the Americana band,  The Moondoggies.  Releasing their debut ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ in 2008, this album was to be on of the first releases for Hardly Art Records.

Nearly a decade later, this record will be available on vinyl for the first time ever and the double LP will also include five b-sides from The Moondoggies’ early days, including todays instantly memorable and previously unreleased,“Oh Now Honey.”  Fierce vocals and a smashing piano melody drive this tune and from the very first few seconds, I knew I was going to enjoy it! Listen above.

‘Don’t Be a Stranger’ will be out on vinyl and digital on October 7, 2016 via Hardly Art Records.  Pre-order your copy from here.

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