SONG OF THE DAY Mauno – Benny

mauno-premiere-neu-pickI love a song with unexpected twists, and today’s perfectly crafted track definitely has a few turns up its sleeve!

Formed in September 2014, Mauno – pronounced Mao-no are a four-piece from Halifax, Novia Scotia whose experimental sound is both vast and dreamy.  Likened to Grizzly Bear, Mauno’s music creates a similar sense of open space in which melodies and rhythms explore and roam freely.

With a new album due out this September, first song ‘Benny’ is full of surprises as it leaps from steady to soaring, all in a blink; melodies rise and fall with effortless grace, drums roll then march and its dynamic feel is truly gripping.  Listen above and check out what I mean.

New album, ‘rough master’ (in lower case just like their name) is due out on 23rd September via Tin Angel Records, pre-order your copy from here .

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