SONG OF THE DAY Adam Betts – Drumbones

0008104488_10My first encounter with Adam Betts occurred today when I heard ‘Drumbones’ on a radio show, I was instantly hooked, it’s all about the drums!  I’ve mentioned on many occasions just how much a good rhythm/beat means to me and this track feels like all my Christmases have come at once!  What also blew me away was the discovery that this whole track was performed live on a drum kit, created by Adam Betts alone, I love it!

Adam Betts is a beat-king who has drummed and toured with Squarepusher, been a member of the experimental London trio Three Trapped Tigers and has now launched his very own solo career.

His debut album, Colossal Squid is due this November and if ‘Drumbones’ is anything to go by this record will more than live up to its name!  Adam Betts is a marvel, a drummers dream who impressively created Colossal Squid live in one single day, a version he chose over many previous studio recordings.  Explaining the reasons for this, Betts said:

“It clicked that this was the way to represent the material in the best way possible – performed entirely live, as it happened. Any “mistakes”, any looseness, felt like a step away from the feeling of material being written with the click of a mouse at a computer. It’s really a punk album with tape delays instead of guitar chords.”

I read the next paragraph you’re about to see online, deciding to copy and paste it because musicradar has a far better grip on the technical aspects behind Adam Betts’ album than me, and they explained how:  In order to record the album live, Betts essentially made a series of instruments on Ableton – a combination of effects, synths, and samples – all of which could be triggered from his drum kit or SPD-SX, therefore enabling him to play everything live and giving him the freedom to take the music in any direction he pleased.

Adam Betts is my hero! When I attempted to learn to play drums a few years ago I would’ve gone a whole lot further if I’d had lessons from somebody like this! I can’t wait to hear and see more, watching him drum in the video to ‘Drumbones’ is both thrilling and exhausting.  Check it out above!

Colossal Squid releases on November 12th via blood and biscuits and can be pre-ordered from here


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