SONG OF THE DAY Up Up We Go! – Mirror Mirror

a3055714887_10Up Up We Go are a New Orleans band currently made up of Salvatore Geloso (vocals, guitar, composer), Stephen J Gladney (saxophone, conjurer of the winds), Robin “Lizardo” Sherman (upright & electric bass) and Shawn “Cool Water” Myers (drums/percussion, heartbeat).

I use the word currently because the band apparently consists of a rotating cast of musical characters from far reaches of the globe including France, Australia, Italy, New York and New Orleans, all of whom rotate around the core member/songwriter and soulful singer, Madame Salvatore Geloso.

The band have been described as being, “Like a science experiment gone horribly wrong…. in all the right ways” and have a unique sound based upon the writings of their Sicilian front man, Salvatore Geloso who grew up with musical ancestors.

Geloso has travelled, busked and collaborated with an eclectic mix of performers over the years, now residing in New Orleans, drawn to its rich musical make-up.  Today’s song features on a self titled EP that the band released this July and is titled, ‘Mirror Mirror.’ This jazzy little number is instantly catchy and bounces along on an energetic rhythm, funky little guitar riff and equally groovin’ sax middle, it’s a great, lively listen.  Check it out above.

‘Up Up We Go’ EP is now available and can be found here…Another great track to check out is “Goodnight Miss Lulu White” .


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