SONG OF THE DAY Mick Jenkins – Drowning feat. BADBADNOTGOOD

1461693299_62da3e9cf9b4c1c3644af25ddf49e429Earlier this month Chicago rapper Jayson Jenkins, aka Mick Jenkins, announced the release of his new album, ‘The Healing Component.’

Due this September via his Free Nation label, the album’s first shared track is titled ‘Drowning,’ a collaboration between Jenkins and the Toronto Band band BADBADNOTGOOD, who worked with Jenkins recently on their own track “Hyssop of Love.” 

The accompanying video was directed by Nathan R. Smith and is both a serious and evocative watch which sees Jenkins playing the role of a man who has escaped slavery, helping others to freedom also.  As the video plays out there is an opportunity for Jenkins to take revenge but instead he sets them free, wearing an American flag as a scarf he watches them drift off on a raft, his mercy a symbolic message.  I couldn’t help but associate this song and its content to what we see today in the US with police and ethnic minorities but this angle has not been stated, it was just what came to my mind when I watched the video.

5e38bafee6353dcbb9a2fbc0afcbe7e7.1000x1000x1It’s a fantastic song which gives us the chance to hear Jenkins sing in what sounds more like old-style blues that hip-hop, I love transition and the way his voice goes from rumbling lows to soulful highs and then in to full-on rap.  It is a truly unique track, I can’t say I’ve heard much like this lately; its simple instrumentation and structure sets an effectively tense feel whilst the vocal contrasts narrates the story perfectly…and just you wait until you get about four minutes in, the pace quickens into a funky, upbeat melody before dropping right back to just a voice and cow bell taps, it’s so dynamically pleasing.  Listen above.

Due on September 23rd, you can pre-order ‘The Healing Component’ from here 


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