SONG OF THE DAY Glass Animals – Take A Slice

2016_GlassAnimals_Press_160816.heroIt’s been over two years since Glass Animals released their debut album, and what a debut that was!  ‘Zaba’ is a fantastic listen from start to finish, full of booming bass lines, luscious vocals and all that melodically falls in between.

A few days ago the Oxford quartet returned with a new album which, greatly influenced by the many characters they met on their tours and travels, is aptly titled,’How To Be A Human Being.’

Inspired by the bands festival trekking, global travel and extensive touring adventures, frontman and producer Dave Bayley has described how, “things have changed a lot for the band. Instead of sitting in the studio, we’ve been in a different city every night; making friends, hearing crazy stories, getting in crazy trouble.  All of it made me want to think about people, and write something rawer and more human.”

Lead vocalist/guitarist Dave Bayley has described how, “each song on this record is a different story about a different made-up character” and in an interview with Paste Magazine has offered an insight into each track on the album.  This is what he had to say about today’s song, Take A Slice: “This track is about someone with a lot of lust. It’s as sleazy as I’ll ever get in lyrics. But everyone has that inside them somewhere, even if it’s only a tiny bit. And it comes out from time to time. For some people, it’s out all the time”. Check it out above.


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