SONG OF THE DAY The Shivers – Beauty

a2540035668_10I had a conversation with some friends last night and they were laughing at the fact that I ‘don’t seem to do love songs,‘ that isn’t true, it just has to be the right kind…whatever that is!

I stumbled upon this today and as if by magic, a perfect example fell at my feet and in all its pure and honest glory, this stunning expression of what it is to be in love is definitely the right kind of love song for me. 

Led by singer-songwriter (and only consistent band member) Keith Zarriello, The Shivers formed in 2001 in New York and have sculpted their songs around emotive topics such as fast-paced life, loneliness, isolation and intolerable love.

Today’s song is powerful and potent, yet musically graceful and gentle, encompassing all the crazed, obsessional and all-consuming characteristics of one possessed by love and, never a song more true to its name, is called ‘Beauty.’  Listen above.

‘Beauty’ appeared on The Shivers 2004 album ‘Charades’ which you can locate here



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