SONG OF THE DAY Cuba Luna – You Say Things Just So Mean

avatars-000041301300-dlg0k4-t500x500According to Cuba Luna’s Soundcloud page she had ‘no idea could even sing,’ what a tuneful revelation that must have been because, oh yes, this girl can definitely sing.

I discovered today’s song, ‘You Say Things Just So Mean’ whilst on a browse through Soundcloud and was hooked on its original simplicity from the first few lines.  The power’s in her words and the conviction in which they are exorcised; the bitter taste of love-gone-wrong drips from the tongue and coats each wounded word as Cuba Luna painfully cries, ‘You make me feel worst than good.’

By the time the song is two-thirds of the way through Luna begins to howl, exclaiming how  “no one hurts me more than you,” and her distress sent shivers down the spine, I felt her pain.  I admire songs that say so much with so little and this track cuts deep.

There isn’t too much out there about Cuba Luna but on her Soundcloud page she speaks about her creative pathway and explains how:

“I started traveling and playing music on the streets in 2009. Before then I had no idea I could even sing. I just started D.I.Y. recording and I’m really excited about spreading my music out there and traveling, playing house shows and gigs and sleeping on peoples’ couches for the next couple decades.  If you wanna be invited to shows add me on Facebook”.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, check out her Facebook and Soundcloud pages (there are lots more songs to check out here!)


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