SONG OF THE DAY The Mystery Lights – Flowers In My Hair, Demons In My Head


True to its name, this song has an enticing exterior that greets you with its slow-paced, gritty 60’s garage-fuelled intro, enticing you in with mesmerizing waves of grungy psych-rock, but as this melody unfolds it begins to take root.  Soon you are gripped in its hypnotic clutches, echoing effects screech out from every angle and as the pace quickens this wicked little melody has firmly taken over your head…the devil’s in the detail.

Daptone’s new and exciting subsidiary company, Wick Records was recently set up with the sole aim of releasing psych, garage and rock & roll.  The first band to release an album on the label was New York’s Mystery Lights, and if you are not already familiar with this fantastic garage-rock 4-piece, here’s your chance!

Today’s song features on their self-titled debut which was released this June and can be purchased from here.  Listen above.



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