SONG OF THE DAY Civilian – Skulls

civilian_weld-58This may not be a typical song choice for me (whatever my ‘typical’ may be), but I really like the way this song kicks off and gets stuck in right from the start, hitting you with the line, ‘You hang like a ghost in the foreground!’  Although the live version I’ve featured today (I do like a good live version) is perhaps a little bit more slinky and subdued than the original album mix I first heard, but if you check that out too, you will see what I mean about how it just goes, ‘wallop,here I am!’

Florida-based rockers Civilian create songs with a “storytelling vibe” which, as described on their pledge site, “creatively reflects their candid thoughts on politics, spirituality and justice.  Civilian describes the gravity of their lyrical content as “dark songs masked in happy rock n’ roll.”   Their music “mirrors each member’s dedication to caring for the oppressed, fighting inconvenient battles, and confronting socio-polical disparity” and their second album titled, ‘You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs’ adopts a very heart-on-sleeve approach.

Paste magazine have reviewed Civilians forthcoming album and in an interview with them frontman Ryan Alexander explained how the new album, “is an attempt to examine the intersection of love and politics and science and hope and nihilism”.  Also describing how “These aren’t mutually exclusive ideas, they interact every second of every day, yet we feel the need to keep them separate and neat. Love is anything but neat. Religion is anything but easy. Politics are anything but convenient.”

On the 21st of next month Civilian will release this second album via Tooth & Nail Records and have decided to make the album available for pre-order on PledgeMusic which will allow their fans to be involved in the album’s release.

Above is a live version of new single ‘Skulls’ which was apparently recorded ‘Live in a Hallway!’  The official video can be found here

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