SONG OF THE DAY Brett Detar – Satan’s Foot On My Neck

I love to delve and dabble into various genres, for there are not many styles of music that I can’t appreciate at least once, even with something like Country…though I must confess this doesn’t happen too frequently.

Today’s song grabbed my attention with its stomping melody and raw vocals; slightly reminiscent to that of Jack White in its rough delivery and going by the fantastically catchy title ‘Satan’s Foot On My Neck,’ this track was released in 2013 by singer-songwriter,  (film) composer,multi-instrumentalist and producer Brett Detar.

Formerly the lead singer of the now defunct band The Juliana Theory, as well as former guitarist/bassist for metalcore band Zao, Brett Detar now goes solo, releasing his first lone album in 2010.  Detar’s solo material resides in the gentle blends of Folk, Americana, Country and Alternative Rock and I’m quite enjoying what I’ve found on his Soundcloud page so far.

On October 8, 2013 Detar released his second solo album, ‘Too Free to Live’ and this is where today’s song can found (see below for the original studio recording.)  The version I am featuring today, however, is a live recording with extra track ‘Your Heart Grows More Heartless Each Day.’ It’s got a more organic feel and I prefer the instrumentation, delivery, and simply love Detar’s tuneful hollering, it’s a great performance and the second track is really rather pleasant too….Check it out above.


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