SONG OF THE DAY The Growlers – Barnacle Beat

0003383701_10This song really kicks tush! I love it! I was driving home late last night with this on the stereo and I was lost in a psychedelic haze of sonic guitars, hypnotic vocals and the ever-so-Doors’y sounding keyboard breaks.  Dynamic beats come at you fast-then-slow, taking you to a place miles away; I imagine myself on a lost, lonely unfolding desert highway with nothing but miles of heat-drenched nothingness and I am flying high on this trip…

Californian beach-goth, surf-psych rockers, The Growlers came together in 2006 and were formed by singer Brooks Nielsen and lead guitarist Matt Taylor, later adding keyboard player/guitarist Kyle Straka, drummer Scott Montoya and bassist Anthony Braun Perry.

The band have released four albums (with their 5th album ‘City Club’due at the end of this month) and today’s fantastic track can be found on their debut album ‘Are You In or Out?’   There is no question in my mind, I’m definitely in when it comes to this band, check out the supersonic ‘Barnacle Beat’ above.

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