SONG OF THE DAY Hanni El Khatib – Black Constellation

a2500030543_10LA’s Hanni El Khatib has been releasing a selection of mini albums throughout the course of this year, with the fourth offering of the ‘Savage Times’ series unleashed yesterday.

Savage Times Vol. 4 consists of three tracks, of which second song, ‘Black Constellation’ has been selected for today’s song!  It’s got a real low-down bluesy feel about it, opening with a nice jazzy piano intro before a sizzling electric guitar takes over and drives the track forward.

Premiering the track on ‘Howl and Echoes’ website, Hanni El Khatib explained how ‘Black Constellation’ came to be: “I was having one of those days where I was just stuck and didn’t know what to write or record. I started to telling Jonny (owner of Jazzcats Studio) about a song I’ve been playing on the piano that I wrote when I was 12.  “He was quick to have me play it for him and start tracking it. I had to somewhat change it and give a little variation and arrange it, but all and all it’s pretty similar to what I used to play when was kid. Throughout the Savage Times Recordings I have been obsessively watching live videos of Sun Ra while on down time at Jazzcats. The lyrics all came out of that inspiration, so I guess Black Constellation is a somewhat of an homage to the man, the myth, the legend himself – Sun Ra.”

Savage Times Vol. 4 is out now, grab it here.


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