SONG OF THE DAY Damien Jurado – On The Land Blues

damienspring4-3af113b7a98d6c4ee6361a9ace879f469407b1a7-s900-c85Damien Jurado released his 13th album, ‘Visions of Us on the Land’ back in March this year and I’ve finally got round to buying it this week!

The album was Jurado’s fourth collaboration with producer Richard Swift and also marks the third and final entry in his Maraqopa trilogy which started in 2012.

Damien Jurado also wrote some music for the soundtrack to the indie film, ‘Tumbledown’ and today’s song, “On the Land Blues” features both on his latest album and in this film.
‘Tumbledown’ was directed by Sean Mewshaw and follows the story of a young woman trying to move on with her life after her husband, a prominent folk singer, passes away.

Speaking with Billboard, who premiered “On the Land Blues,” Mewshaw explained that the song comes at a crucial point in the film. “It’s the turning point for Hannah,” he said. “Jason Sudeikis comes up, she assumes he’s just another muckraker but then she happens across his notebook where he’s taken these extensive notes on Hunter and his music. So we knew we had this scene where she was reading the notebook and listening to this song at the same time. The songs for Hannah mean so much — it’s all she has left of her husband, that’s what we were interested in exploring.”

It’s a glorious track (as is the entire album), capturing a moment of gentle escapism, incorporating nothing but peaceful acoustics and dreamy, wistful vocals; it’s like a gentle wave lapping at the feet enticing you into its fluid realm.  Listen above.

Visions of Us on the Land is now available via Secretly Canadian

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