SONG OF THE DAY Hidden Charms – I Just Wanna Be Left Alone

12inch_sleeve_3mm_spine_Hoxton_VinylOriginating from London, this young 4-piece emerged with the sound and soulful tones of yesteryear’s leaping from their music, riding the Beat sounds of the early 60’s whilst coupling this nostalgic edge with lyrics based on the modern world around them, it’s a perfect combination.

Growing up listening to the early blues greats such as Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf, it’s no wonder that they have managed to recreate this blues rock so well, this influence has been coursing through their veins from a very early age.

Hidden charms ooze rock’n’roll from every pore, recreating a sound that effortlessly bridges the gap between old blues-psych and the romping rock sounds of today; the combination is an explosive attack on the senses.

On October 28th the band are to release a new EP titled, ‘Harder From Here’ via resurgent Liverpool based imprint Deltasonic, and ahead of this have shared a stompingly-massive, pounding slice of crazed-blues-psych..and its just supertastic! Listen above.

Hidden Charms have talked about this track explaining how, “I think the song is about feeling suffocated in the city. From the current political climate to today’s over populated planet you can’t help but feel claustrophobic in this modern world of technology – where everything and everyone are instantly available to you. Isolation if a long forgotten gift.”

Preorder the new EP ‘Harder From Here’ & receive the new single as an instant grat:

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