SONG OF THE DAY Marie Davidson – Naive To The Bone

Montreal producer and poet Marie Davidson has released a new single called ‘Naive To The Bone,’ but the irony in the title is evident as soon as you hear the whole song.

Minimal in structure but oh-so-effective in its delivery this track kicks in with a heavy primitive beat, soon joined by dark, menacing pulsating synths, and if you didn’t know better you’d think you were listening to a Kraftwerk remix.  Davidson’s lyrics are both vulnerable and confrontational, opening with the line, ‘It seems that honesty is not so fashionable these days’  and with frank sincerity she continues, ‘I don’t need your love but i dare to ask how you feel about me just to get things straight.’  This is a song that throws caution to the wind and tells it like it is.

Straight talking, ‘Naive to the Bone’ features on Marie Davidson’s new album, ‘Adieux Au Dancefloor’ which is out now and available via Minimal Wave.  Grab your copy here and check out the gripping video above.

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