SONG OF THE DAY Springtime Carnivore – Midnight Room

a4254366738_10LA-based singer-songwriter, Greta Morgan, aka Springtime Carnivore, has just released her second album ‘Midnight Room’ and I’ve just had my first real quick flick through it.

Ten haunting songs of lost love beats through a damaged heart and echos out through the elegant vocals of Morgan who, when speaking of the inspirations behind her latest album, has described how, “It was the first time I’d ever lived by myself, and there was this bizarre feeling at night of the house being so quiet and being so totally alone. And Midnight Room came out of that.”

With a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve through ‘Midnight Vision’, Greta Morgan also explained how, “I wanted the whole thing to feel like you’re looking through a cobalt blue glass, and to get textures that almost feel like being able to see stars in the sky. I wanted it to have this very velvety midnight blue purity to the sound, and I feel like the synthesizers that we used and a lot of the guitar tones we used evoked that kind of visual texture.”

The album’s title track starts with a soft guitar intro and continues to build on a delicate thread of haunted vocals and driving beats where, wrapped up in its swirling dreamy melody, Morgan longingly croons, ‘I never stop dreaming of you.’  Have a listen above.

‘Midnight Vision’ is the follow-up to Springtime Carnivore’s critically adored 2014 debut.  Listen to more and grab your copy here.

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