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douglas_dare_aforger_artwork_1024_1024Following his 2014 debut, London-based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare released his latest album yesterday.  In between records Douglas Dare came out to his father and ended a long-term relationship and his latest offering, ‘Aforger’ documents these life-altering experiences.

Also inspired by the technology-orientated world that we live in today and it’s profound effect on our reality, this album seeks to unveil our obsession with technology, exploring how it obscures the boundaries between reality and fiction, as Douglas Dare has explained, “The album title plays with the idea of a forger — someone creating imitations or copies, and reimagines them as the creator of something that’s no longer real.”

Growing up on an isolated farm, Dare observes how worlds apart his life is now compared to what it was then, describing how, “I grew up on quite an isolated farm in Dorset, surrounded by fields and not much besides. My mother taught piano from home and we didn’t have a computer, or the internet or mobile phones. In fact, my family still chooses not to use these things. It’s worlds apart from my life now in London where technology seems to dominate everything I do”

The albums second single, ‘New York’ is wonderfully structured, with big cinematic sounds providing the perfect dramatic backdrop for Dare’s tuneful howls and wounded lyrics that tunefully pleads, ‘will i ever trust another’.  This song has a big and spacious feel to it with delicate feathered percussion, gentle piano and symphonic highs perfectly complimenting the smooth transition between the lull of Dare’s tender, almost-spoken word and his tuneful dramatic cries; the distress is tangible.  Check out the song above and watch its official video below.

Aforger was released on 14th October via Erased Tapes and can be pre-ordered from here

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