SONG OF THE DAY Mood Tattooed – Velvet

d6999503efffe5d8-_mg_6919-1x1Last month I came upon the delightful otherworldly delights of Hagan Knauth,  a young singer-songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist going by the name of Mood Tattooed.  What instantly struck me about his music was just how completely sublime it is, everything about this sound is delicate yet powerful, subtle yet honest and so very organic.

Signed to New York’s Blankstairs label, Mood Tattooed is to release ‘Hush Tarantula’ this November; an album that has been described on his Bandcamp page as, “a dialogue of textures that guides you through a cycle of growth and reflection. Marked by powerful subtleties”

Through layering and many musical elements, this music resonates on so many different levels, where soaring guitars elevate, ambient chants transport and free-flowing rhythms give momentum to an experience that truly transcends; this is an album that shifts the mind into a world of ethereal escapism.

Taken from this divine album comes the lush layerings of ‘Velvet,’ check it out above.

If you like what you have heard so far, check out my other two posts on Mood Tattooed here and here.

Due on November 4th you can pre-order your copy of ‘Hush Tarantula’ from here.

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