SONG OF THE DAY Shearwater – Snow Leopard


I was listening to some random Youtube videos earlier and Shearwater’s ‘Snow Leopard’ came up, I haven’t heard this song for ages and watching this has finally prompted me to check out some more Shearwater; I also can’t help but think of Radiohead’s ‘Pyramid Song’  when I hear this..maybe it’s just me?

‘Snow Leopard’ appears on Shearwater’s fifth studio album, ‘Rook’ which gained its title from the bands singer/songwriter, Jonathan Meiburg, who has said that he chose the title for the sound of the word and the fact that it has multiple meanings…and for an additional piece of interesting information, the theme of birds recurs frequently in both the band’s album and song titles, Meiburg is an ornithologist! Listen above.



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