SONG OF THE DAY Bless – Drop Out

a1858399015_10Punchy, zany, catchy and with plenty of oomph, that’s how I’d best describe Washington, D.C band, Bless!

Releasing through DZ Tapes, this punk-inspired, garage-rock outfit have recently put out their self-titled debut, which is now available to buy on their Bandcamp page.

This six-track album is definitely worth a listen too, for there’s a little bit of everything mixed in here, from indie to punk, garage to funk; the blend is right and the sound is tight!..but I’ll stop with the rhyming sales and let you decide for yourselves, beginning with the albums first track, ‘Drop Out.’

Right from the start this song reaches out and grabs at you with funky grunts, gripping guitars, smooth call and response backing and swaggering vocals, whilst punctuated beats strike out against a memorably rowdy melody; this is a song with that ‘stand-out’ quality about it with hints of Jim Morrison’s howls and David Byrne’s croons.  Listen above and definitely check out the rest of their album on their Bandcamp page here

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