SONG OF THE DAY Sonic Youth – Halloween (with bonus cover of this song by Mudhoney)

So, I’ve managed to resist the temptation to feature C.W Stoneking’s ‘Zombie’ again this Halloween because, although it is one hell of a great track and none more perfect, I thought I’d go for something new…..

In 1985 Sonic Youth released the single ‘Flower,’ for which today’s great track was the B-side.  Titled ‘Halloween’ this slinky track resides in the shadows, clutching at the mind with its entrancing minimal drone and hushed vocals whisper, ‘There’s something shifting in the distance, Don’t know what it is, Day as dead as night, Except for the feeling, That’s crawling up inside of me..’

Later, in 1988, Mudhoney sent a five-song tape to Sonic Youth for the bands opinion, to which Sonic Youth immediately proposed a split single release where each band covered the other’s track.  Sonic Youth covered “Touch Me I’m Sick”, while Mudhoney covered Sonic Youth’s “Halloween”.  The split single was released on 7″ vinyl as a limited edition by Sub Pop in December 1988.  It was released on 12″ vinyl in the UK by Blast First in January 1989, and in Germanyin 1990 by Glitterhouse Records.

This is a version I can highly recommend listening to also as it shifts the original up quite a few gears and is a far more rocky affair, with dirty, heavy guitar melodies and gruff vocals beefing up the whole sound.. Listen below and whatever you do, don’t go out playing after dark tonight….


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