SONG OF THE DAY Miles Bonny – A New Village

a2621361075_10Record producer, singer-songwriter, trumpeter and DJ, Miles Bonny has just released a new album titled Stroe “My Dear It’s Getting Morning Soon.”

From what I’ve heard so far, this vibrant collection of songs all pivot around a smooth blend of both vocal and instrumental hip hop, soul and r’n’b; with shimmering stand out track ‘A New Village’ a completely intriguing listen.

The song opens with an alluringly curious tune that sounds like an approaching ice cream van, an intro that coaxes you in with delicate, sparkling mystery before Miles Bonny exclaims, ‘so many things to see, so many things to try.’

Questioning and philosophising, wise words unfurl in lyrics that urge you to, ‘love what you do so you can understand your path,’ and it is plain to see why Bonny describes his sound as ‘New Music for Old Souls’ on his website.

On his Bandcamp page, Bonny has also talked about how his latest album came about and this is what he had to say:

This is an album we recorded vocals for many years ago in Berlin Germany right next to the Berlin Wall. We made dinner, I wrote lyrics, we watched sports, drank beer, and I sweat my ass off in a small closet recording these vocals and horns. The results from that session were produced in additional ways by Stroe since that time. Now, they are released in final form to the listener. 

Available now, you can listen to more of Miles Bonny’s latest album here.


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