A few songs to keep you going whilst The LP Blog is away!

The Listening Post is going to take a short break but will be returning on the 12th November!

In the meantime here are some suggested listens, because I have a few tucked up my sleeve just waiting to be shared. Check them out below and see you next week!

A great new single from Courtney John available from here.

Featured on the Listening Post Blog on numerous occasions now, Mood Tattooed releases his album, ‘Hush Tarantula’ today and this is where you can find this dazzling track. Read more here.

Also out today comes Discount Orchestra’s remixed ‘Bring On the Clowns.’ Check out more about the band here.

Covered only a few days ago and one of the Listening Post’s favourites, this superb track comes from Hidden Charms new EP which releases via Deltasonic Records and is now available. Read more on my page here.

Love this so much! Read more about the Echo Ohs on my pages here, here and here.

Super cool, smooth 70’s-sounding soul to funk down to!  Daptone’s new super band, The Olympians released their self-titled debut only last week. Read more on my page here.

See you in a week……

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