SONG OF THE DAY Alex Izenberg – Hot Is The Fire

0008382169_10Not long to wait if you like this one!

Twenty five-year old LA singer-songwriter Alex Izenberg is to release his debut album, ‘Harlequin’ tomorrow and I for one am looking very forward to this.

Dipping his toes, ankles and indeed his whole self into a fusion of genres, this young artist has spent the last five years creating this album, and it would seem that this has been time very well spent!

Produced and arranged by Izenberg and collaborator Ari Balouzian and mixed by Chet “JR” White of Girls, Harlequin is ‘almost a study in distraction’ as his Bandcamp page describes, going on to say how it is also ‘a restless, feverish dream-sequence which variously invokes Scott Walker’s obtuse, off-kilter worlds of sound, Simon and Garfunkel’s psychedelic yet practical string arrangements, the vaudevillian pomp and preening of Wild Beast’s early material and Grizzly Bear’s pastoral folk early steps. All this is cut through with moments of total silence, patches of noise, found sound and countless dynamic left-turns and moments of non-sequitur’.

Taken from ‘Harlequin’ is the ever-so-wondrous ‘Hot is the Fire,’ a song with a strikingly bewitching twist, and we all know how much I admire a song with a hidden quirk.  Beginning with a wind instrument that gently breezes in, the intro coaxingly greets you with a steady beat and Alex Izenbergs soul-tipped vocals.  Just under a minute in and it all changes, shifting up a gear the song transforms taking on a whole new shape and the transition is dynamic!Check it out above and order your copy of ‘Harlequin’ from here.

Another great  song from the album is, To Move On

Music blog, Loud and Quiet featured an interview with Izenberg, check that out here.


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