SONG OF THE DAY Old Smile – Hello Stranger

a0964682191_10“Music about the human condition. Music about perception. The intention of the title is to evoke a sense of mind over matter.

Music is meant to heal, its meant to agitate, its meant to do whatever you want it to do. Music can be ridiculed or praised. Mine isn’t exempt from that. Music can be whatever you want it to be.”  Old Smile

When it comes to musical ethics I like where Old Smile is coming from, for we receive music in so many different ways and it is fascinating to discover what it evokes within us.

Going by the name Old Smile, Tom Herman is a New Jerseyan artist who writes and records his own music with a fresh, diverse DIY ethic.  His lo-fi sound is steeped in psych-rock whilst he cites influences such as Thee Oh Sees, Tame Impala, Timber Timbre, Charles Bradley and Deerhunter; these elements all detectable in his psychedelia, soul, funk and Indie sound.

A new song from Old Smile was shared on his Soundcloud page yesterday offering a vibrant, warming and very charming listen, and for me when I played it over a few times today, I found myself unwinding and unravelling to its loose, laid-back beat, mellow melody and gentle vocals.  I like Old Smile’s style and appreciate the the organic feel his music possesses.

Check out more of Old Smile’s music on my pages here and here and if you like the sound of ‘Hello Stranger,’ check out ‘H from Two Sixteen,’ the 4-track album this song features on which came out earlier this month.

Purchase this album (name your price) from Tom Herman’s Bandcamp page here

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