SONG OF THE DAY Lawrence Arabia – A Lake

lawrence-arabia-mainNew Zealand’s James Milne, aka Lawrence Arabia, released his fourth album ‘Absolute Truth’ in July this year and this was his first full-length since 2012.

Taken from this album is the marvelously upbeat, 60’s-inspired, ‘A Lake,’ a very captivating listen with a rather curious video to boot!  Filmed out at Riverhead (a small town in New Zealand with “much loved forest of trail runners and magic mushroom hunters”), the video begins in a normal everyday way, tracing the morning preparations of Milne before he heads off into the woods for a spot of ritual magic…as you do!

Arabia says of the track: “‘A Lake’ is one of those songs about absolutely nothing and consequently everything, tied together by a straight down the barrel chorus about a long-term relationship, specifically mine. Where the guitar solo is at the end was once an ill-conceived terminal cancer metaphor which I mercifully had removed before it could kill the whole song. I think the solo’s much better.”

The video, like the song itself, seeks to look beneath the surface of everyday, as Milne also explains, “I think the more regular a person’s veneer, the deeper and more lurid their perversions.  “I’m quite drawn to the idea of Freemasonry and how the most seemingly upstanding, so-called “pillars of the community” types are engaging in all kinds of esoteric traditions behind closed doors. And I suppose I enjoy the additional incongruity between that and the self-effacing informality of New Zealanders on the whole.”

a3876112697_16Check out the video above and listen/order your copy of  ‘Absolute Truth’ from Lawrence Arabia’s Bandcamp page here.



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