SONG OF THE DAY Papa Chango – New Moon

0008081579_10I’ve been a big fan of the great Ethiopian Jazz musician, Mulatu Estatke for many years now and have more recently been delighted to stumble across like-minded bands such as, Family Atlantica, The Sorcerers, Karl Hector & The Malcouns…and now Papa Chango!

Papa Chango are a Melbourne-based 9-piece that effortlessly fuse together a delightful blend of Afro-funk soul and Ethio-jazz to create what they have described as, “subterranean trance-like movements of afro-beat mashed-up with psychedelic guitars and scatterings of broken brass.”

Their desire is to “propel you towards distant unexplored territories” which, after one listen to their latest album, ‘The Lost Moon of Bellaris,’ is not an impossible feat in the slightest! Exploring the ‘darkness of space and the lightness of life’ through ethio-jazz inspired sounds, their latest album is a superb collection of cinematic, instrumental bliss! Listen above. 

If you like what you’ve heard so far, check out the whole album (which came out earlier this month) from their Bandcamp page here and visit their website for lots more.

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