SONG OF THE DAY Mango Zabba – Vagrant (The Bakery Sessions)


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Last month Mango Zabba whisked me up in their cosmic clutches with the supersonic sounds of  ‘Becky’ and I’ve yet to touch back down to earth..

Hailing from the Netherlands this four piece consists of, Lars Bergman (vocals/freaky guitar), Iason Georgiou (guitar), Reinier Wiskerke (bass) and Joris Regterschot (drums).  Coming together after a successful jam session, the four-piece decided to form a band and came up with the quirky title Mango Zabba, attributing the name to the mango-fruit and to ‘space,’ as of course you would do!

True to their name the bands creative process is loosely structured, spaciously rotating around a 60’s-inspired sound that explores and experiments the realms of improvisation effortlessly.  There is room for a lot of freedom of interpretation in Mango’s lyrics and this element adds to their free-flowing feel.

Their debut EP was released this May and was recorded in just one take, in one night, in the Dirt Studios in Amsterdam which is pretty funky really.  And it looks like there is plenty more where that came from, which is literally music to my ears!

This is a band really stands out for me, they are tight and led by the gruff vocals of Lars Bergman (who, in ‘Dancefloor Harasser’ especially, reminds me of a psychedelic version of Axl Rose..but tons better!).  They are the perfect blend of psych-tinged rock and roll and I can’t wait to see what is up the cyber-sleeves! Watch this outer space and check out their fantastic live version of ‘Vagrant’ above.

Order your copy of their fantastic debut EP from here. 

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