SONG OF THE DAY Kill Your Boyfriend – Man4

0005777171_10Well, this song definitely intrigued me from the onset!  I couldn’t work out if I was being laser beamed when the intro began and had to check for aliens when the robotic-like vocals and taut-laced keyboard melody hammered in.  Connect this to a dynamic beat and what you have is the latest electro-punk song from Italian two-piece, Kill Your Boyfriend.

Kill Your Boyfriend are Matteo Scarpa (guitar/vocals) and Antonio Angeli (drums), a dark wave duo that formed in Treviso, Italy in 2011.  So far they have released a 6-track EP (2011) which was then followed by their self-titled debut album in 2013.

Two years after their debut album the pair released a 10” split featuring New Candys (IT) as well as a new album titled “The King Is Dead” which consists of ten new tracks named after male monikers.

Their latest offering was released last week via Shyrec Records, and is a four-track EP titled ‘Ghosts’ which tackles the burdens of quiet regrets and empty spaces, as Kill Your Boyfriend explains,  ‘This music is about our everyday ghosts, that arise from memories, traumas and deprivations, they creep into our lives, and often condition them.’

I stumbled upon today’s song on Fat Cat Records’ Demo Soundcloud page, a fantastic hub of new and interesting sounds that have been carefully selected by Fat Cat from a selection of submitted demo’s.  Check out more on Fatcat’ page here and listen to ‘Man 4’ above.

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