SONG OF THE DAY King Khan & his Shrines – Shivers Down My Spine

a0291796900_10Canadian born and now based in Germany, Arish Ahmad Khan, aka King Khan has recently shared an album on his Bandcamp page called, Three Hairs and You’re Mine.

He is one of those artists that I thoroughly enjoy, have featured on the LP Blog but never extensively investigated; so here’s my chance, and why not start with this early album with the Shrines.

Originally released in 2001, this album is now featuring on his Bandcamp page, along with another chance to buy Torture, the debut single of King Khan and his Sensational Shrines which was originally released in 2000!  Both records will be available via his own Khannibalism label and if like me you need to get with the Khan, now’s the time check out more of his psychedelic sounds.

‘Shivers Down My Spine’ features on Three Hairs and You’re Mine and is a tasty little rock’n’roll-inspired treat with a wistful melody, bluesy vocals and howling yelps.  Curious lyrics of blood-sucking cravings pour out longingly as Khan croons, “she told me that she loved me so, but she needs my blood to grow, she bites me square on the neck, and I said hey baby what the heck.. “

Now is this song doesn’t trigger a flutter or two down the spine, I don’t know what will! Check it out above.

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