SONG OF THE DAY Jenny Hval – Female Vampire

a3923298497_10Norwegian artist Jenny Hyal released her sixth studio album, Blood Bitch in September via Sacred Bones Records and, for me, this is a new an interesting discovery.

Reading about the writing process behind this album, I discovered how Hyal’s fascination with Vampiric imagery and 1970’s horror films has inspired her latest works.

Described as “an investigation of blood,” Blood Bitch is a concept album which draws parallels between a fictional time-travelling vampire, named Orlando, and Hval’s own experiences touring her previous studio album, Apocalypse, girl. The album’s lyrical content is also influenced by menstruation, 1970s horror, exploitation films and Virginia Woolf; how could this curious combination not result in a truly captivating listen?

‘Female Vampire’ sucks you into an entrancing, ambient vacuum of pulsating synths, crystal vocals and unfaltering beats and was the first track that grabbed my attention.  Check it out above.

Order your copy of Blood Bitch from here.


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