SONG OF THE DAY The Wytches – Digsaw

the-wytches-brighton-band-009Brighton 3-piece The Wytches have often been referred to as a Psychedelic rock band, but anyone who has listened to them will know that this title is merely the tip of the ice berg as far as genre description is concerned.

Like a jack-in-the-box constantly on full crank their music is fit to burst and, when it does, out pops a chaotic concoction of Grunge rock, Surf-horror, garage-rock and lo-fi punk rock; the delivery is thrust upon you with energy and conviction whilst boundaries are cast aside.

One thing is for certain, there is never a dull moment when The Wytches are about, their sound is brimming with mysticism and sinister goings-on.

Signed to Heavenly recordings in July 2014 their debut album Annabel Dream Reader was released a month later and was co-produced by frontman Kristian Bell and former Coral guitarist Billy Ryder-Jones, whose influence can be heard throughout.  Today’s song appears on this release, unleashing a wholesome dose of chaos in its psychotic, screaming chorus, whilst bellowing guitars drenched in rich psychedelia offers melodic respite; add to this a driving beat and tripped-out middle section and what you have is the masterful and well-balanced sounds of Digsaw.  Check it out above.


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