SONG OF THE DAY BB Eye – Texas Chainsaw Mascara

texas-useThis quirky little track came up on my Soundcloud page yesterday and it’s rather perky presence hasn’t been far from my mind ever since.  This is just the thing if your looking for a pick-me-up with a punk edge, I love it!..there are even hints of Karon O in the wonderfully tuneful shrieks! It just so happens, this is what I was looking for today so I’m off for another listen!

Currently listed under Lumpy Rex’s Soundcloud page, you can stream this track here, I can’t tell you too much else about it at this point but I have made enquires for more details so watch this space, I will update if I find out more!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Texas Chainsaw Mascara (great title!) as much as I am! Listen above.

UPDATE ON BB EYE!!  I told you yesterday that if I managed to locate some more details on this band that I’d post an update, so here is!  Courtesy of the band’s Lumpy Rex Records, here is some more info:

BB Eye is an up and coming Calypso New Wave group from Kansas City and St Louis (oink oink). Miss Lady and Miss penis are the names of the 2 members. A 3 song 7″ will be out in the next month, and they’ll also be plopping out a 12″ this summer. They are inspired by the following items: poop, fish, and headcheese.

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