SONG OF THE DAY Eets – Hammer Dub

a2943564466_10Having trouble switching off? Can’t relax? Need to unwind? I’ve just the thing, and after the day I’ve had, I can pretty much tick all of those boxes myself, so if you are looking for something to calm the cockles, this may just help!

Canadian artist Eets has today released his new album, Solus, which comes to you via collaborating labels Inner Ocean Records and Burnt Tapes  who have released a series of albums on cassette!

Solus is the latest release by Alaskan resident Eets and explores new grounds, smoothly combining the sounds of hip hop and chill-out, beats and dub; aptly described on Eets’ Bandcamp page as, ‘psychedelic dub’ which is ‘fresh and satisfyingly tripped out.’

With the artwork and photography done by Eets himself, this album is a recommended and definitely soothing listen, with stand-out tracks, Fresh Water Dub, Mornin’ Dub and today’s song, Hammer Dub.  Listen above.

Grab your copy of Solus from here.

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