SONG OF THE DAY Paperhead Dama de Lavanda

paperheadxxFor the last six years Nashville’s psych-rock duo Paperhead have been creating their very own unique mix of music, concocted from an interesting blend of psychedelia and prog rock.

Deriving both their name and musical inspirations from the experimental rock band, Can, the band are also influenced by early Pink Floyd, Sleep, King Crimson and many lesser known krautrock bands.

The trio, consisting of  Ryan Jennings, Peter Stringer-Hye & Walker Mimms, have released three albums so far and will be releasing their fourth offering, Chew, this February.

chewTaken from their forthcoming LP comes the melodic, psychedelic sounds of Dama de Lavanda, a song that grabs you with its many different musical arms, warmly embracing you with a fusion of Latin jazz, psych and prog rock.

Hints of Bowie’s Space Oddity are delicately woven into the mix whilst trumpets cut through the smoothness, reminding me of Love’s Alone Again Or, but whilst these nods are given to past prog and psych greats, Paperhead’s Dama de Lavanda remains very much an original song, crafted from the old whilst very much keeping in with the new, the balance is perfect.  Listen above.

Pre order your copy of Chew from here.

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