SONG OF THE DAY GOAT – Temple Rhythms

goat-e1468939886765Sweden’s secret psych-rockers may have mysterious masked identities but one thing is for certain, their sound is unique and instantly detectable.

This Christmas Santa Claus kindly deposited GOAT’s third studio album under my tree and I couldn’t be more chuffed with this gift, it’s a fantastic album from start to finish!

Described by the band as their “folk album,” Requiem is a harmonious array of rolling acoustic guitars and flutes, multi-layered rhythmic drones, and mystical lyrics chanted by female voices.  If you haven’t heard it yet, I strongly recommend that you check it out!

It’s hard to single out ‘stand-out’ tracks because the whole album flows so gloriously, its melodic, entrancing and mesmerising track listing will inspire start-to-finish listening, you may even play it multiple times in one go like I have done today!

One song that I really love is Temple Rhythms with its insanely hypnotic percussion and exhilarating flutes.. Prepare to soar and listen above.

Grab your copy of Requiem by clicking on image below:goat-requiem-3600

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