SONG OF THE DAY Valerie June – Shake Down

valeriejune_publicityphoto_credit_dannyclinch_general1Valerie June Hockett, aka Valerie June will be releasing her new album, In Order of Time on March 10 via Concord Records.

The American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who cites artists such as Jessie Mae Hemphill, The Carter Family, Elisabeth Cotten, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley as some of her influences and through her individual blends of folk, blues and soul, it is evident to see where she draws her inspirations from.

Forthcoming album The Order of Time follows June’s 2013 breakout LP, ‘Pushin’ Against a Stone,’ which established her as one of America’s “most intriguing, fully formed new talents” according to the New York Times.  For this album, the Tennessee-bred, Brooklyn-based songwriter weaves electric blues, African rhythms, cosmic atmospherics and delicate soul into an inventive and wholly original rumination on love, family, struggle and the passing of time.  Taken from this album comes the energising, blues-tinged upbeat sounds of Shake Down, a fast paced song with more than enough melodic riches to please the ears on this Friday evening. The accompanying video is a tribute to her late father Emerson Hockett, who contributed vocals to the track.  The song also features June’s brothers and Norah Jones on backup vocals.  Listen above.

“Understanding the order of time is important to anyone hoping to manifest a dream.  There is a time to push, and a time to gently tend the garden.”  Valerie June

Pre order your copy of The Order Of Time from here. 


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