SONG OF THE DAY Otis “Big Smokey” Smothers – Crying Tears

r-3053189-1313508905-jpegI first heard this song (jump to 19:10 on the Youtube playlist) a while ago on an online radio show and got in touch with the person who uploaded it so that I could discover the artist behind today’s track! A few months later I got a reply and excitedly set about sharing my discovery only to find that this song doesn’t exist anywhere online on its own!!

So I have just spent far too long trying to work out how to chop up a YouTube video so that I could share the bit I wanted…and here I am! Unfortunately I failed to extract the one song I wanted from this Youtube clip which plays the whole album so the song I’ve featured starts at 19:10!

Otis ‘Big Smokey’ Smothers (not to be confused with his younger brother, Little Smokey Smothers), was a Chicago-based blues singer and guitarist and a member of Howlin’ Wolf’s backing band.  Throughout his career Otis worked with many of the blues greats including, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, Bo Diddley, Ike Turner, Freddie King, Willie Dixon, Little Walter, Freddie King and Little Johnny Jones.  Today’s song was written by Smothers himself in 1960 and is a right tender little heartstrings-puller..listen above and if you’d like to hear the full album where I found this track, you can listen to that here.


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