SONG OF THE DAY White Bleaches – Bad Character

0007907981_10Arriving on a wave of garage rock and forming in the coastal surf town of Torquay, Australia, the White Bleaches are four-piece psych who came together in 2015.

Since then the band played with likes of Twin Peaks, Green Buzzard and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, whilst attracting the attention of many new followers along the way, me included!

Last August the White Bleaches released their self titled debut EP which was recorded and mixed by King Gizzards, Stu Mackenzie and mastered by Dean Whitby of Drunk Mums.  Offering a kaleidoscopic insight into the bands psychedelic potential and tackling issue such as drugs, relationships and conspiracies, this EP packs a lot into just over 15 minutes and definitely leaves you eager for more!

First track Bad Character kick starts the EP perfectly with a driving beat and heavy-footed, stomping bass, grabbing you with Iggy Pop-esque vocals and shaking you about with its fiery riffs, it packs a punch so you better be ready.  Listen above.

Want a copy of the White Bleaches debut EP? Grab your copy here.


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