SONG OF THE DAY David McCallum – House Of Mirrors

r-1665610-1235511942-jpegFollowing on from yesterdays Dark Days sample sources comes the second of two tracks that DJ Shadow cleverly weaved into his song. 

Alongside Bill Osborn’s great Bamboo and Rice , Shadow also mixed David McCallum’s House Of Mirrors and the fusion is superb.

As well as being a well-known actor, McCallum also released a selection of instrumental music for Capitol Records in the late 60’s, recording four albums in total; all produced by the great David Axelrod, including, Music…A Part of Me  (1966), Music…A Bit More of Me (1966), Music…It’s Happening Now! (1967), and McCallum (1968).

As a classically trained musician, McCallum didn’t sing on his albums, instead he blended a selection of oboe, English horn and strings with guitars and drums and then presented instrumental interpretations of hits of the day.  Today’s song appears on his 1967 Music…It’s Happening Now! and I love it, I love this stuff and intend to investigate more; it’s easy to see McCallum’s music is a favourable source to sample, it’s got a timeless sound!

So far I’ve only dipped my toes into the wonders of David Axelrod with a couple of albums but intend to give his whole catalogue an extensive listen, including the music of David McCallum (check out one of McCallum best known pieces is The Edge which was sampled by Dr. Dre as the intro riff to the track The Next Episode).  Listen to the fantastic House Of Mirrors above. 



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