SONG OF THE DAY Marching Church – Florida Breeze

a0915331079_10Still working my way through my new Christmas sounds, its been an absolute delight listening to the new Marching Church album these past few days.  Already impressed with singles, Heart Of Life and Lion’s Den,  I was eager to find out if the rest of the album was as good…and I can happily report that it is, I’m thoroughly getting into it!

Best known as the singer of Iceage, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt has recently been recording as Marching Church, releasing second album, Telling It Like It Is last October.

0008111130_10Featuring collaborator and Iceage band mate Johan S. Weith (electric viola, guitar), Marching Band also comprises of, Kristian Emdal (bass), Anton Rothstein (drums), Jakob Emil Lamdahl (trumpet) and Hand of Dust’s Bo Høyer Hansen (guitar).

These album sessions were complemented by Maaike Van der Linde (flute) and Thora Sveinsdottir (strings) of the Stargaze Orchestra, and the Choir of Young Believers’ Sonja La Bianca (saxophone), with overall production by Escho’s Nis Bysted.

Florida Breeze is definitely a stand-out track, but Elias’ vocals are not for everyone it would seem: ‘he sounds like he’s in pain!!’ exclaimed my Mum the other day when she heard this..and yes, I guess you could describe it as that.  But this is a plus as far as I’m concerned and I love way his voice crawls, climbs, soars and prowls with an unstructured and free-flowing charm.  The music follows suit, or is it the other way round, both are entwined and feed off each other, nurturing and exploring.  If you can, I recommend you listen to this song through headphones and let the loose rhythm and sultry shuffle sweep over you, let the swirl of Florida Breeze transport and transform…Listen above.

‘Telling It Like It Is’ will be released on October 28th via Sacred Bones Records


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