SONG OF THE DAY Loopa Scava – Back On The Path

a1868629990_10Escape Through The Dusty Clouds…What an enticing title for an album don’t you think? This is the latest offering from Greek musician, composer and producer, Ilias Mimilidis, aka Loopa Scava, and is the first album he’s released in 8 years!

Described as an ‘instrumental album both dark and bright, rough and refined, restrained and liberating’, stand-out track track, Back On The Path really grabbed me in its menacing clutches.  This sultry little rhythm-laden number wouldn’t sound at all out-of-place on a David Lynch soundtrack, its brimming with atmosphere and I love the trickle of the crisp melody as it seeps into darkness of an unhurried pace, the contrast works a treat.   Listen above.

Escape Through Dusty The Clouds was released in April last year, listen to more and grab your copy here.

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