SONG OF THE DAY Adam Torres – I Came To Sing The Song

a3676087672_10There is something so powerful in Adam Torres voice, I’m sure it could launch me all the way to the moon if I listened to it long enough.  Exquisite is a word that springs to mind when I think of this young singer-songwriter and when I hear his ethereal falsetto, it always stops me in my tracks.

Adam Torres first appeared with his self released debut album ‘Nostra Nova’ in 2006 and it took another ten years for the folk singer-songwriter to return.  In his musical absence Torres volunteered in Ecuador, completed a graduate degree in Texas, and aided projects designed to improve the water quality of the Rio Grande River; this is one young man who did definitely not let the grass grow under his feet!

Torres is back next month with I Came To Sing The Song, an EP of four songs recorded during the Pearls To Swine sessions. It’s a collection of songs about devoting your life to songwriting and the many ripple effects such a decision creates. Or, as Torres put it via email, “The idea behind the song and EP is finding purpose in one’s work, and having to adjust to the lightness and darkness of that search.”

The EP’s title track is available now and offers a gentle acoustic platform from which Adam’s vocals soar and glide, its gentle form soothes and envelops.  Listen above.

I Came To Sing The Song releases 24.2.17 via Fat Possum Records.  Pre-order your copy from here.

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