SONG OF THE DAY Orchestra Baobab – Foulo

20161212-114618-569739The sunshine is beaming through my windows, the sky is clear blue and everything is sparkling on this fine Sunday afternoon, and I now have the perfect song to accompany this beautiful day: Orchestra Baobab’s, Faulo.

The Senegalese Afro-pop legends first came on the international scene with their album “Pirate’s Choice” 1982, but were rediscovered by Nick Gold (the man who brought you another timeless band, Buena Vista Social Club) and released by his World Circuit label in 1996.

At the end of March the Afro-pop, Afro-Cuban influenced dance band are to release a new album, this follows Made in Dakar and is to be their first in ten years.  Titled, Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng, its name plays homage to one of Orchestra Baobab’s vocalists and composers,  Ndiouga Dieng, who passed away last November; his son, Alpha continues to perform and sing with the band.

Taken from this release comes the uplifting Foulo, which is a fresh reworking of a vintage Baobab number called ‘Kanoute.’  This song is a glorious blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms and African tradition, fusing vibrant percussion, melodic brass, soaring saxaphone and passionate,soulful vocals; it’s pure sunshine in a song.  Listen above.

Pre order your copy of Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng and read more on World Circuit’s page here. 

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