SONG OF THE DAY DJ Format & Abdominal – Behind The Scenes

0006111027_10Andy Bernstein (Abdominal) and Matt Ford (DJ Format) have been making music together for the last 14 years, entertaining crowds from all over the world with their funky hip hop sounds.

Now, the duo have returned and are about to embark on a 16-date UK  tour, with their new album, Still Hungry, due for release on April 28th on AAF Records via Kartel Music Group.

Collaborating on each other’s solo records for many years, this new album (according to their Bandcamp page),  marks their first joint album. The brand new LP boasts the best of what they each bring to the hip-hop community: funky, up-tempo and slick beats, coupled with intelligent, savvy lyrics. The LP also showcases a grittier, harder sound, reflecting the maturity of the two, giving their audience some head-bobbing bangers that could rock any concert hall.

Ahead of their forthcoming album release and available to download right now is the rather nifty, upbeat sounds of Behind The Scenes, a track that encapsulates everything I like about this kind of music: it’s easy on the ears, it extremely funky and I can understand every word that they have to say, their vocals really roll…check me out sounding like a granny! It’s true though, I’m not into all hip hop but these fella’s really tick all of my hip hop-like requirements!! Check out their new sounds above and see below for UK tour dates.

Pre order Still Hungry from here.



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