SONG OF THE DAY Tinariwen – Assàwt

1191_39885233324_2477_nDesert blues band, Tinariwen are a very established band, with origins dating all the way back to 1979; their hypnotic guitars and percussive-driven songs are their trademark and there’s not mistaking their sound.

Today’s song Assàwt is the latest track revealed from the bands forthcoming new album, Elwan (‘The Elephants’) which is to be released this February via ANTI-.

The album has been shaped and crafted by Tinariwen’s exile from their homeland, a Saharan mountain range between north-eastern Mali and southern Algeria which is now a conflict zone.  After being forced out by jjhadi forces and human traffickers, the band found shelter in Joshua Tree National park where they recorded their 2014 ablum Emmaar and this year’s Elwan. 

Assàwt is a song for the Tamashek women who remain in Mali and is defined by melodic and entrancing rhythms, crisp guitars and empathetic vocals which, right at the end of the song, shouts out a heartfelt and universal plea, “This is a message for those who toil for the revolution.”  Listen above.

untitledDue on February 10th, you can pre-order your copy of Elwan from the bands webpage, here. 

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