SONG OF THE DAY Shirley Collins & Davy Graham – Bad Girl

shirley-collins-and-davy-graham-folk-roots-new-routes“An extraordinary album…that opened people’s minds and shaped a few careers along the way.” fROOTS

Yesterday I touched upon the marvellous Folk Roots New Routes  album after featuring Davy Graham’s Pretty Polly.  Today I gave it a listen for the first time in a while and couldn’t resist featuring another track from it.

I’ve read many sources describe this album as both groundbreaking and influential, the experimental collaboration between Davy Graham and Shirley Collins has inspired and shaped the works of many other folk bands/artists, such as Fairport Convention and Pentangle.  It is an album that fused jazz with folk, where the intricate and often improvised guitar works of Graham complimented perfectly the haunting and captivating vocals of Collins; give it a listen and you will see why it has impacted so many other songs, artists and listeners alike.

Taken from this album comes the story of a Bad Girl, it’s one of my favourite tracks and, once gets into my head, it stays there for hours…every time!! Listen above.

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