SONG OF THE DAY The Calico Wall ‎– I’m A Living Sickness

r-8129204-1455684253-7701-jpegIt was over 20 years ago now that I first became fascinated with 60’s garage-psych, I loved it, I love it!  I got into it heavily and began by collecting psych collections such as the Nuggets box sets and Pebbles compilations.

These comps are brimming with obscure sounds, where one-off bands kicked out trip-tastic psychedelic punk songs using sonic effects such as fuzz tones.  This was an era of riff-driven tracks where pioneering bands such as The Sonics, The Seeds, Electric Prunes and the 13th Floor Elevators inspired music of the time and music of the future…I adore these sounds..

Today’s song is a rare garage-psych single from Minneapolis band, The Calico Wall.  I initially stumbled upon its B-side, Flight Reaction, and later discovered the very hypnotic wonders of  I’m A Living Sickness, these songs are smashing,  so I’ve included both!


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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY The Calico Wall ‎– I’m A Living Sickness

  1. Eberhard Schachner says:

    This is may all time favorite when it comes to garage psych..But could finally anybody in this whole wide world to provide me with overall information about this group?…it is said that some former members of the “Underbeats” were involved who could help me with additional information…because frankly speaking a song which is credited to somebody named smith doesn’t really give you a hint or a clue
    Cheerio from Vienna


  2. I shall try to investigate further, but I haven’t found too much more either! 🙂


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