SONG OF THE DAY Nick Hakim – Bet She Looks Like You

nick-hakim-green-twins_sq-0190bec3eebbf675e4b0d414ca8f6631825b5795-s800-c85There are songs that sound dreamy, songs that are dream-like and songs (like this one in particular) that makes you feel like you have literally been plucked out of the air and dropped into a dream.

This is how it feels when you listen to Nick Hakim’s, Bet She Looks Like You. With its atmospheric and otherworldly quality, this song makes me feel like I am straddling two that hovers in some dreamy fifties love story and the other, well, I’m not quite sure where that is yet but I’m liking it so much, I may just stay here for a while and investigate its intoxicating floatiness.

Born in Washington DC,  Nick Hakim now resides in New York and is signed to ATO Records .  With his debut album Green Twins due on May 19, Hakim has just shared brand new track off his forthcoming release titled, Bet She Looks Like You.  A crooning love ballad with heady vocals that reach out as they exclaim, “If there’s a god, I wonder what she looks like,” the D.C. crooner belts out, “I bet she looks like you/ I bet she looks like you.” Check it out and lose yourself above.

Pre-order your copy of Green Twins from here and check out the albums very funky artwork above.



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